Gorran: women is the cause of peace and stability


Formal Announcement

Today is the international women’s day, the day for more struggling in order to stop gender difference and provide equal chance for life and working to achieve the real political and administrated participation for women in general field.

In Gorran Movement’s point of view, the problems of women can’t be separated from the society’s problems. A conscious society and responsible authority together can provide a suitable life for people, and they can provide a successful example of teamwork in order to achieve the higher goals.
In this point, except our warm congratulations for Kurdistan Region’s women, we assure you that in the Gorran’s platform, we work to provide equal rights in all fields. We think that supporting women and children financially is the important beginning for strengthening family and liberating women. We believe that the existence of women in all sectors is the cause for more peace and stability.
We use this international commemoration as a chance for demanding the Kurdistan Parliament and government to take actual steps for serving women.

It is too pleasure that in Kurdistan Region we have dozens examples of women success in the different fields like politics, administration, education, academy, culture. And in the private sector, there are many businesswomen who have become good example for growth and service. This result reveals that if we have equal chance, women can show their ability and can serve society.

Women of Gorran Movement
8 March 2020

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