Gorran Movement message for Nawroz


Formal Announcement

On the occasion of Nawroz, Kurdish New Year and the other national memories of March and coming spring season, we convoy the warmest congratulations to our citizens in Kurdistan Region, Kurdish in diaspora and the other nations in the region.

This national occasion which is simultaneous with the revolution and liberation of Kerkuk and the important part of Kurdistan area, we hope that it become well fare, happiness, making peace and ending problems. At the same time we hope that this occasion helps us in achieving our national goals towards finding common point in order to understand with each other, work and face corruption and economic and financial challenges, especially providing salary to employees and helping those people who need the government support.

In this message we focus on two points:
The first is related to Iraqi situation that we think the formation of the new cabinet of Iraqi government should be accelerated and the general street demands should be responded with the reform process.

The second is about Kurdistan Region especially in this difficult, dangerous situation economically. We think it is not responsible job that instead of working together to find resolution and serving citizens, we fill the Region atmosphere with other minor problems and the bad language in conversation being used. In this occasion our demand is that we all together step toward the better future In a spirit of responsibility and language of discussion, not to deepening the problems and conflicts.
It is also clear that this year we commemorate Nawroz in the time that the world has faced difficult situation in health, Kurdistan Region also has been effected by the negative effect of this situation. Coronavirus is a serious disease which requires us to protect ourselves and following the healthy directions, so we hope that our citizens do their celebrations about Nawroz inside their homes and all together should be an effective power to reduce the corona risks.

Finally, except the congratulation message, we convey our special gratitude toward the government teams that that serve citizens sincerely in this duration and have faced Coronavirus risks.

Gorran Movement
March 20, 2020

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