Press chamber of Gorran Movement: the freedom of media is at the withdrawal point


Formal Announcement

In the anniversary of Kurdish journalism, the Press Chamber of Gorran Movement released a message and said: we believe that it is the duty of government and its institutions to work to implement the law of journalism affairs and the right of getting information.

On the occasion of 123 anniversary of Kurdish journalism, Gorran Movement in its message congratulates all journalism and authors, and it said: the freedom of opinion and journalism in Kurdistan region is at the withdrawal point. The media outlets and professional journalists were be ignored, the fake and irresponsible media is improving. The reality and facts were be distorted by plan as well as the social peace.

123 years ago, the first Kurdish newspaper by Badrkhanies in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, printed and issued. Kurdish word for the first time printed in the paper of newspaper, at that time Kurdish community was beyond the failure of Kurdish emirates and under the Ottoman Empire as well as the bad administrative and corrupt experience was prevalent with illiteracy. So, the detail of articles was to unit Kurdish nation and to release awareness, demand reform, and eradicate corruption.

When we celebrate the anniversary of Kurdish journalism and congratulate all Kurdish journalists and authors, we believe that the freedom of opinion and media in Kurdistan region is at a withdrawal point. Media outlets and professional journalists are ignored. The fake and irresponsible media are improving. The reality and facts as well as the social peace are distorted by plan. Media language has been declined to the law level of discussion and political understanding. Releasing misinformation to deceive was promoted. Some politicians support financially some directed media outlets with the money of corruption and smuggling, at the same time the role of free and responsible media was put under question.

Kurdistan Region which needs general reform, that reform will not be achieved without free media and independent journalist who calmly investigate the clue of corrupt cases and misuse power. Gorran Movement believes in free media, and it views that its political project is the product of supporting free media, authors and intellectuals. Within this context, the role of journalists and free media to make pressure to achieve political and administrative reform, facing corruption, to achieve the sovereignty of law and transparency is the strong mean to face challenges.

Dear citizens:
Dear journalists:
Gorran Movement, as one of the contributed political party that formed the government. We believe seriously in achieving good government that gives its fairness from people. This type of governing needs to energize communication channels and giving information to journalists because without the availability of true information and professional media, thinking and taking step to implement reform will be a difficult duty and impossible., it is the duty of government and its institutions to work to implement the law of journalism affairs and the right of getting information.

Finally, we make the anniversary of Kurdish Journalism to a chance to demand judiciary and court to release a legal and justice decision about the case of Badinan’s journalists and activists.

The Press Chamber of Gorran movement

March 22, 2020

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