The minister of finance and economy decided to dismiss tow tariff directors


The minister Finance and Economy of Kurdistan Government decided to dismiss two directors, who are accused to receiving bribe in the tariff department of the Parwezxan border crossing, and they will be transported from their positions and replaced by other directors.

Several day ago, a number of drivers who transport the trash of factories, made a gathering in Sairanban border crossing pointed that an official of the one of the main political parties receive tax illegally as a bribe from the loaded vehicles.
After that protest and investigating for that issue, Awat Shekh Janab the minister of finance and economy decided to stop import those trashes and the two directors of tariff will be exchanged.

An informed source said: by the decision of the finance and economy minister, the import of those trashes has been halted until the deep investigation on it will have done, and receiving all illegal tax will be halted. Also, in the next few days, the decision of exchanging two of tariff directors will be implemented.

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