Gorran: we are with people and their alliance


A member of executive branch of Gorran announced: we are in the Gorran Movement understand the people suffering, and our participation in the government based on the improvement of people life.

Today, Wednesday, July 22, 2020, the meeting of the staff of Gorran’s rooms was done in order to discuss the latest political development and to implement the rooms plan.

During the meeting, Dr. Darbaz Muhammad the secretary of rooms affairs and also the number executive branch of Gorran Movement stressed: Gorran has participated in the government on the base of radical reform, our agreement in this stage has been to government formation and accelerate the reform process.

He also said: our alliance with PUK and PDK is not classic alliance, but is the base of the government program. In other meaning it is not alliance to be silent about people rights. We are people ally originally.

Commenting about the situation of Kurdistan Region, Dr. Darbaz said: we haven’t taken part in the mismanagement of Kurdistan people  recently, but now, we think we are responsible to improve people life and we make pressure to overcome the crisis faced people.

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