Gorran delegation meets with Iraqi PM designate



A delegation from the Movement for Change met with Prime
Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi in Baghdad and discussed the steps
of forming the next government.

The delegation of the Change Movement wished success to Dr. Adel Abdul
Mahdi in his difficult task and to solve the outstanding problems
between the Kurdistan Region and the Federal Government in the period of
his government, especially that Abdul Mahdi has deep knowledge of these
problems and also has strong relations with the Kurdish people and its

The delegation  also stressed  that the Kurds will not have less than
four ministries within the 22 ministries that will form the cabinet ,
because the Kurds are  key component in Iraq and the proportion of
Kurdish presence in the Iraqi Council of Representatives is about 18%,
and in this case share of Kurds should not be less than  four

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