The details of national council meeting


Saturday, September 5, 2020, national council of Gorran Movement made its meeting with participation of representatives of Gorran team in the government. The issue of Gorran participation in the government and the steps of reform were discussed.  

In the meeting, 21 members of general council and the new director of law room were given confidence, and the Gorran team in the government explained their attempts to make reform.

Adnan Osman spokesman of Gorran said in the press conference: we make a conference with participation of Gorran blocs and the province counciles, executive branch of Gorran, rooms and some supporters. The conference will be about reform in Kurdistan Region.

He also said: we all are sorry about current situation in the region, but during the last year of cabinet of government, Gorran has had good projects about border crossings, oil and internal income, so we believe that oer continuation in the government make us closer to reform more than withdrawal in the government, that is why we entered the government and we still stay.

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