General Council evaluates the Gorran fractions’ affairs


In order to investigate and evaluate the Gorran feactions’ affairs, the rooms committee in the general Council of Gorran Movement, invited Kardo Muhammad, the director of Parliament Room.

“The meeting was to talk about how to manage the Parliament Room affairs and political, organizational relations and the affairs of Gorran fractions,” said Peshraw Rawf, the secretary of General Council, to official website of Gorran.

He also said: the director of Parliament Room expressed the details of his room activities that have been done recently about the whole issues related to parliament by coordination with the Political Research Room.

Also at the meeting, the members of General Council expressed their investigations and questions about the whole activities of Parliament Room.

General council of Gorran Movemenr is an advisory council, it discusses on the internal and organizational issues and it sends its notes and recommendations and suggestions to National council in order to be decided on them.



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