Gorran calls for summit on ‘racist, sectarian’ Arabization policy


The Change Movement (Gorran) on Monday called for a summit of Kurdish
political parties to address the new wave of Arabization taking place in
Kirkuk and the disputed territories.

“The Change Movement is calling on all the main political parties of
Kurdistan to get together and hold a summit to study the situation and
lay out a roadmap to normalize the situation of the disputed areas and
help return them to the Kurdistan Region,” Gorran said in a statement.
In its statement, Gorran underscored the lack of shared strategy pursued
by the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union
of Kurdistan (PUK).

It also condemns Baghdad’s long unwillingness to implement Article 140
of the Iraqi constitution to resolve the disputed territories issue.

“The Iraqi government has been evading the implementation of Article 140
of the Iraqi constitution for 15 years now due to their racist and
sectarian policies,” said Gorran.
Gorran placed part of the blame for the failure to resolve the issue on the KDP and PUK.

“The lack of a single discourse and a unified stance of Kurdish politics
in Baghdad and the disputed territories and the failure to establish a
united Region, a national government, a national force and a national
economy and the Region’s involvement only in party interests are all
adding to Baghdad’s arrogance and ability to evade the implementation of
... the Region’s constitutional entitlements,” Gorran said.

The party blames the KDP and PUK for the events of October 2017, saying
their “unrealistic and different political position” in Kirkuk and other
disputed territories in military and security affairs “paved the way
for the federal government to in a short period of time take control of
all the disputed areas.”

Source: Rudaw