The National Council of the Change Movement convened


The National Council of the Change Movement  convened  

The Change Movement( Gorran) announced on Saturday,January,18, that it backs  the position of its fraction  inside the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region in relation to the reform bill that was voted on last Thursday. This came after the meeting of the National Council of the movement ended.

The National Council of the movement  held today   an expanded meeting  to assess the work of the government during the past six months, as well as some of the internal issues related to the movement.

Following  the meeting, the movement's executive body member, Dr. Darbaz Muhammad said  in a press conference held at the movement's headquarters in Sulaimani  "The Change Movement supports the position of its fraction in the Kurdistan Parliament with regard to the draft reform law."

"The participation of the  Change Movement  in the government came in order to contribute  in carrying out reforms and our fraction is preparing an expanded report on this matter," calling for "improving job opportunities and services." he added.

He also appreciated  the change fraction for  its  role that contributed to the approval of the reform bill.

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