Rojava Not Alone, says Gorran


Formal Announcement

Rojava Not Alone, says Gorran  

The Change Movement ( Gorran) issued a statement, entitled ( Rojava is not alone)  in which it strongly condemned the Turkish military  offensive on Western Kurdistan  , saying it will "further destabilize the region, result in  humanitarian catastrophe by displacing thousands of civilians  and leads to regrouping of  the sleeping cells of  IS."

" Western Kurdistan which has made a lot of sacrifices to protect its land  in the face of terrorism and fought against ISIS on behalf of the world, deserves to be compensated and to be supported by the international community, no to be attacked  and occupied by Turkey. The UN Security Council and international coalition against ISIS should be responsible to  stop the occupation process launched by the state of Turkey ". The statement added.

The Change Movement also expressed strong  discontent to the move describing it as " aggressive attack", voicing its full support to struggle and legitimate rights of our people in Rojava.

The statement also called on both Kurdistan region and Iraqi governments, all Kurdistan political parties and the people in Diaspora   to launch all kinds of diplomatic, political and civil support to the people of Rojava in this sensitive moment.         

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