Change Movement Congratulates PUK


Formal Announcement

Change Movement Congratulates PUK

The Executive Body  of the Change Movement( Gorran) congratulated the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan( PUK) on the occasion of the end  of its fourth Congress, expressing its hope that the Congress will contribute to deepening bilateral relations between the two parties for the sake of the public interest.

The Executive Body  said in a statement that it  congratulates the Supreme Political Council and the General Leadership Council and all members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on the occasion of the end of the fourth congress.

" we express  hope that the results of the congress will become a basic and effective need for reform and institutional work, and to serve the life of  all the constituents  in this difficult time where  dangers are  facing our people in Iraq and the region amid attempts to marginalize and weaken it." the statement added.

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