The announcement of Gorran about corona disease in Kurdistan Region


Formal Announcement

According to the statement of the Ministry of Health, Sulaimany’s governor, and related establishment, in 1 of March, 4 cases of corona virus was recorded in Kurdistan Region and Sulaimany, these cases are followed after recording of the same disease in Iraq and Kerkuk.

Spreading of this disease in the World and neighbor countries requires us to help in releasing the health awareness and supporting the ministries of KRG in order to control those cases and protecting the citizens’ life.

We demand the Gorran Movement organs, members and supporters to oblige the following cases:
1- Quit the organizational affairs of Gorran, except the necessary cases and they should be with the agreement of tow organs or more, the meetings should be delayed until another time. All communications should be done throughout phone, email and other indirect communication means.
2-  We encourage all activists and supporters in the provinces, cities and villages to support Ministry of Health voluntary in order to prevent further cases.
3- We demand all our supporters who have travelled Iran last month, to contact health institutions, record their names and obligate the measures of inspection and medical instructions.
4-The role of Gorran Movement’s supporters and its media is to deal with the information and data of corona disease correctly and responsibly. This means we should publish the health awareness without spreading the fear and concern. Also we shouldn’t publish incorrect information in social media.

Gorran Movement
1 of Mach, 2020

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