The revolution memory, a hope for future


Formal Announcement

Weekly address
29 years ago, from the beginning of March and at Rania city, which is gate of revolution, the generation who has been oppressed by Bath regime, in the historical chance and by Nawshirwan Mustafa’s wisdom and dozens of leaders and parties, for the first time in the Kurdish history they can damage colonial castle and take back an large area of their land.

It is true that the freedom dream is short and the Bath regime can take control of the area quickly and make migration of millions of Kurd, but the great collapse which has been created by Kurdish revolution became the cause that the Bath troops couldn’t stay in the region for a long time.
For the people of this part of Kurdistan, it is proud to memory this anniversary, at the same time is sore to see year after year when we look at the remnants of local war and at the same time the worst governing system in this region has been established.
We don’t want ignore attempts and achievements, No, of course great steps have been taken and serious works have been done. 
We confirm that it should be taken the greater and actual steps in the past in order to serve people.

Now, in this memory, we must take forward toward the future bravely and actually with a strong will. We must achieve the hopes and dreams of revolution.
Before the revolution, Bath was the nightmare on the nation. Now after 29 years, corruption like Bath has damaged this nation’s body and we must resist this nightmare.
The memory of revolution shouldn’t be just the anniversary and talking about achievements, but there has to be a general plan for future in order to provide a better and reasonable life for citizens.

Gorran Movement
5th March, 2020

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