Gorran: Halabja should be recognized formally as a province


Formal Announcement

Today, March 16, 2020 is the commemoration of chemical bombardment of Halabja city which was committed 32 years ago by Saddam regime in 1988. It is a sad and tragic day of Kurdish nation. It is the memory of the worst violention by using mass destructive weapon against the nation who haven’t own simplest defense means.

Halabja is the identity of alive nation who hasn’t failed after Genocide, Anfal and chemical bombardment and finally they made revolution against Baath regime, later they created parliament and government by election. These achievements are the result of the struggle of our nation, and it is the right of Halabja’s people to proud of their martyrs and victims, and also they have right to demand more services, reconstruction, and the transformation of their city as a province actually.

In this year, world commemorates Halabj when coronavirus has spread worldwide, and as a global disease, it makes humanity to face serious hazard, so that the commemoration of this memory has been halted. It is important that in this time we demand citizens again to abide the health advice and make this topic to become a guide in order to save our citizens against coronavirus.

Is has to be said that the sacrifices of Halabja deserve more services, until now the steps of the transformation of Halabja into a province haven’t been taken by both the Iraqi government and Kurdistan Region government. At the same time the great promises about necessary and strategic projects of the city haven’t implemented and the people of Halabja are still waiting for more services.

We, within Gorran Movement think that any duty to serve Halabja and the places where have been hit within Anfal process lies with us, is the national duty for us and we provide all political abilities to use financial portion to serve people of Halabja according to the Iraqi constitution.

Gorran movement
March 3, 2020

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