Weekly address: Let’s we are all concerned about our nation


Formal Announcement

Let’s we are all concerned about our nation
Weekly address of Gorran movement:
Countries, people, nations… during the difficult crisis or during the natural disasters or health disasters, concern and great cooperation extend in the general atmosphere and all sides step towards cooperation.

Political parties, government, opposition, civil society, media outlets should work together in cooperative spirit in order to face this nationwide crisis. This is the less feeling of responsibility in this stage, help and support doesn’t interfere with explanation and different opinion and criticism, but all of them as a united entity do their jobs and implement their duties for national issue which related to people life.

Now, when this Coronavirus crossed the border of nations and countries and became a global and international problem, this has made a great support and cooperation worldwide. This transfers humanity towards another stage in which the poor and rich countries together face this natural disasters.

In Kurdistan Region, except the existence of many difficult crises like salary and unemployment, this disease again hit the middle of society and put it in front of the great danger. In this time, all political parties and citizens without affiliation and feeling of political revenge, have to work to support medical teams and local security forces.

In this general crisis which put more difficulties to the burden of our people, we should just concern about how to protect our nation and citizens from negative effects of this disease and how to support to implement orders and instructions, and how to work in order to decrease negative sides of salary crises, staying at home, lake of food and daily needs for poor people, and how we can create feeling of help and cooperation between individuals inside our society.

The responsible side, country’s institutions, traders and capitalist, political parties, in this difficult situation must think just about general interests. They should not monopolize this chance in order to achieve personal interest or illegal income or party benefit.  

The responsible power now works to help sides to face this disease and it prioritizes people concern and life, quit some jobs that harm the health and the security of nation. And it works to sweep worry differences, at the same time it works to spread the spirit of resistance and awareness.

We (as Gorran Movement), like we have explained recently, prioritize the citizens’ life, the health of our people, the national supreme benefits, sustenance of poor people, cooperation with related side in order to cross this difficult situation together by responsible spirit and to protect the future and health of citizens.

Gorran Movement
March 19, 2020

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