11 years of the first participation of Gorran in the political process have passed


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The day of (July 25, 2009) in the memory of Kurdistan people, is the unforgettable day, because from that time the new phase of political and parliamentarian affairs started to begin by leading of Gorran Movement and for 11 years that approach has been continuing in order to make radial changes and achieving justice and the sovereignty of law.  

When corruption and injustice has been prevail across the region, the reform movement stemmed from the center of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) which its goals are ending corruption, transparency in incomes, making radical reform. That movement led by Nawshirwan Mustafa.  

When Nawshirwan Mustafa and his comrades had been hopeless about making reform in their parties (PUK), they quit their political struggling inside PUK, they came out and their first step was the establishment of (Wsha) which was viewed a new model of media journalism, and actually the media outlets of this company offered a new model an new image of media.

This political movement firstly emerged in the scale of election list and in its first experience in July 25, 2009, it got 25 chairs in the Kurdistan Parliament and it can change the political map of the region. It also led the new model of political affairs which is the parliamentarian opposition.

In its first four years of parliamentarian opposition (2009 - 2013), except the defense of its promise it mad before the election, it also led the opposition front, at the same time, the approach of its partisan affairs and its bloc in the parliament, viewed as a revolution of awareness by the Kurdistan Region citizens. That is the main cause which encouraged people to support it. This is the opposite of those opinions which thought that Gorran was a temporary project. The support of Gorran by people in the later Iraqi and Kurdish elections completely reflexed and Gorran’s vote had increased and it became the second power in the Kurdistan Region.

In 2014, a new phase of Gorran political affairs had started, which was the participation in the government and getting the post of the lead of legislation power.

In this stage Gorran continued to make radical reform and change in the eighth cabinet of government and parliament, but obstacles had been increased and most of its political partners left it behind, so that Gorran attempts to make reform were not just obstructed, but also had sacrificed high cost of it. The obstacle of returning the speaker of Parliament and oust of its ministers are the examples of its sacrifices in order to achieve reform.

After 2018 parliamentarian election, Gorran decided again to participate in the ninth cabinet of the government, but the slogan of this participation is the same slogan of 2009 which is the achievement of radical reform on the base of written political agreement.

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