Nechirvan Barzani sent a congratulation message in occasion of Gorran foundation


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the detail of Nechivan Barzani message to Gorran:

Mr. Omar Said Ali, general coordinator of Gorran
The member of executive branch and national council of Gorran

In the occasion of 11th anniversary of Gorran Movement, I congratulate your members and your supporters, I hope you will continue and progress.

Gorran Movment from its foundation by Nawshirwan Mustafa, whom we salute for his spirit, has played a significant role in the political field, and currently it is a main and effective side in the government formation and political process in Kurdistan.

I hope this anniversary will give more encouragement to political sacrifice of Gorran in order to achieve the faire goals of our nation, and I hope these occasions will become a chance to deepen coordination, strengthen the spirit of struggle and keeping the national goals and high interests by the whole sacrificed parties.

The difficult situation, the problems and crisis that have faced Kurdistan require solidarity from all so that we can overcome this situation and so that our nation will be safe out of the problems, and we can keep the constitutional entity of Kurdistan Region, take more steps to serve people of Kurdistan.

I congrats you again an hope you will be success.
Nechirvan Barzany
The President of Kurdistan region
July 25, 2020

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