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In the occasion of the first participation of Gorran in the political process of Kurdistan, Democratic Party of Kurdistan (PDK) sent a congratulation message to Gorran and said: the role of Gorran in this difficult situation to strengthen stability, political and constitutional entity of Kurdistan are the loyal signals to achieve mutual rights, that is proud.

The detail of the message:
Dear: general coordinator and the members of general and national council
In the occasion of 11th anniversary of Gorran foundation, we present warm congratulations to you and your supporters, we hope you will succeed and continue in your struggle and sacrifice in order to succeed our nation’s issue and achieve all fair rights.

The role of your movement in this situation to strengthen stability, political and constitutional entity and of the region, its institutions and the bases of freedom and democracy, are the signals of your loyalty in order to achieve our mutual rights. That is proud.

We congratulate you when the current situation of Kurdistan region is in the important and sensitive phase, the health and economic crisis has been prevail across the world, we focus on the solidarity to face challenges and to preserve fulfillments and the stability of the region.

We hope we will attempt all together to strengthen the base of our alliance and coordination and will overcome the obstacles in front of settling the problems in order to provide a better future to oue people.

هیوادارین بە هەموو لایەك هەوڵ بدەین بناغەی ئەو هاوپەیمانییەتی و هەماهەنگییەی نێوانمان زیاتر پتەوتر و بەهێزتر بكەین و شانبەشانی حزب و لایەنەسیاسییەكانی دیكەی كوردستانیی كاربكەین بۆ تەختكردنی كۆسپ و تەگەرەكانی بەردەم چارەسەرکردنی گیروگرفت و كێشەكان و دابینكردنی ئایندەیەكی رۆشنتر و گەشتر بۆ رۆڵەكانی گەلەكەمان.

Political bureau of PDK
July 25, 2020

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