Political Bureau of PUK to Gorran: we hope we can improve our relationship


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On the occasion of the first participation of Gorran in the political process on Kurdistan region, the political bureau of patriotic union of Kurdistan (PUK) sent a congratulation message to the general coordinators of Gorran and its executive branch and supports.

The detail of the message:
Dear: the general coordinator of Gorran Movemenr
Dear: the supporters of Gorran
On behalf of co-leaders and the members of political bureau and leadership council of PUK, congratulate the 11th anniversary of your movement which has been our active partner in the political process for the recent years of political and democratic struggle.

This anniversary is at the time when the political process in Iraq and Kurdistan is in front of challenges and large changes, we hope it will become a chance to create national consensus. We, in PUK, have a mutual precedent with most of your high members in the new revolution of our nation. We hope that by taking advantage of recent experience in the conflicts and agreements, we can improve our relations, especially when currently there have been serious attempts between us to reorganize our relationship in order to improve people life.

We again congratulate you and we hope you will succeed.

Political Bureau of PUK
July 25, 2020

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