The Iraqi President: Gorran has impact on the governing and political process


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The Iraqi President sen a congratulation message to Gorran in occasion of its 11th anniversary of its first participation in the political process of Kurdistan region.

The detail of the message:
Dear: the general coordination of Gorran Movement
The members of executive branch, national council and supporters of Gorran

In occasion of Gorran foundation, I congratulate you and hope wou will be success.
The foundation of Gorran as a first significant and effective opposition party inside the political field of Kurdistan region was an important event. Currently it has impact on the governing and political process as one of the main parties who formed government.

Currently in the difficult situation of Iraq and Kurdistan, Gorran movement will be effective to achieve solidarity between political parties in order to settle problems and implement reform and serve people.

In this occasion we appreciate the memory of Nawshirwan Mustafa, again I congratulate you and hope success for you.

Barham Salh
The President of Iraq
July 25, 2020

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