Gorran Movement: the political conflicts should be solved by dialog


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Thursday, November 11, 2020, a delegation of Kurdish National Conference with its co-leader visisted Gorran Movement and met with Gorran’s general coordinator.

Adnan Osman the secretary of National Council of Gorran Movement said in a press conference: (KNK)’s visit is a part of attempts to end escalations, and we are concurrent about the need of resolving problems by dialog and respect the Kurdistan Parliament resolutions that prevented the internal war.

At the same time, Ahmad Qaraqws, the co-leader of (KNK) said to journalists: Kurdistan is at the sensitive situation and we think that the ground of discussion and dialog should be made. (KNK) supports discussion and in doing so, we will make a large conference next week, we don’t want to give a chance to our enemies to utilize conflicts.

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