General coordinator met with British general consul in Kurdistan Region


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Monday, 11th June, James Thornton, UK general consul in Kurdistan region and his delegation, visited general headquarter of Gorran Movement and met with Omar Said Ali, general coordinator of Gorran. After that, he visited the shrine of Nawshirwan Mustafa, the founder and former general coordinator of Gorran.

Hoshyar Omar, the diplomatic relations room of Gorran said: at the meeting, general coordinator of Gorran reassured on the reform, radical changes, respecting freedom of media and demonstration, also he said that he is against closing media outlets and arresting journalists.

Also at the meeting, the political and financial circumstances of Kurdistan Region, and the relations between Erbil and Bagdad has been discussed with the need of making deal on the budget.

After the meeting, British general consul in Erbil with his delegation, visited the shrine of Nawshirwan Mustafa, the former general coordinator of Gorran Movement.

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