Gorran Movement congratulates (Red Wednesday) of yazidis


Formal Announcement

The message of Gorran Movement in occasion of the (Red Wednesday) of yazidis

In occasion on the (Red Wednesday) celebration and the new year of yazidis, we congratulate our yazidis brothers. We hope this celebration becomes a point to return peace and stability for Shangal and to end adversities.

Unfortunately, when yazidis celebrates this occasion, Shangal, which hurt because of the recent conflicts, has become a center of the regional and international conflict on the side, on the other side the drought has become an adversity for its residents.

We pray that in this occasion peace and welfare will return to Yazidis and the problem of Shangal and other disputed areas will settle by discussion, at the same time the flame of war will be excluded from them.

Gorran Movement
April 4, 2021

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