Dler Abdwlxalq: we discuss the Kurdish unity and constitution issues with Kurdistan Region Presidency


Formal Announcement

Today, Tuesday, May 4, 2021, Nechirvan Barzan, the Kurditan region President with his tow diputies visited headquarter of Gorran Movement in Sulaimaneyah and met with Omar Said Ali, the general coordinator of Gorran Movement.

The main goal of the meeting was to discuss the Kurdish unity and the consensus between political parties.

After the meeting, speaking to journalists, Nechirvan barzani said: we have decided to visit all political parties  previously and to try seriously to settle internal problems of Kurdistan region and try to exchange our opinions about constitution.

He also mentioned that after upcoming Iraqi election, we need the unity and consensus between political parties and we need to find out framework to cooperate with each other because we can achieve and keep our achievement in Bagdad, all Kurdistan Region presidency attempts are to make that unity.

About the constitution issue, Kurdistan Region president said: currently we have been busy with discussion with political parties, next time we make a mechanism for constitution. There is serious attempt to implement constitution.

After that, Dler Abdwlxalq, the Gorran Movemenr spokesperson said: there were some issues that needs to be discussed, one of them is the consensus of Kurd in Bagdad, especially for the upcoming Iraqi election. We prepare ourselves to complete Kurd achievements in Bagdad.

He also said: the other issue, which has been discussed, was the writing of Kurdistan region constitution. We support the modern constitution, which have the parliamentary system and has transparency with the sovereignty of law and the decentralization principals. We inform the Kurdistan Region presidency that we support  the expansion of  civil freedoms and to keep freedom in this region. We support journalist rights and political reform. Our priority is to provide salary and end salary cut. We think that the government should intensify its attempts in order to become a successful example.

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