Gorran attaches importance to the program of the next KRG, says Shorsh Haji


Formal Announcement

Gorran attaches importance to in the program of the next KRG, says Shorsh Haji   

 Shorsh Haji, a member of the Change  Movement's executive cell, said that the movement is interested in the program of the next regional government. If it agrees with the programs and aspirations of  the Change Movement( Gorran) which  aims at serving the citizens then the movement will join the new  government and if not they will join the opposition.  

In televised interview with the (KNN) channel, Shorsh Haji explained that the change movement is interested in the content of the next government's program, in light of which determines their participation in the government or not, and the decision belongs to the National Council of the movement.
"We follow the program  of the next government and if it agreed with our reform approach  which we have announced since the founding of the movement, we declare our participation in the government and we are working on the success of our project.
If we participate in the next government, we will pay attention to improving the living conditions of citizens as a priority. We seek to end the compulsory saving of salaries of employees. We emphasize the transparency of imports of oil and local imports. We are also working to separate the authorities and are trying to turn the Peshmarga forces and the rest of the armed forces into national and regular force." he added.

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