Gorran, KDP held government formation talks


Formal Announcement


The Change Movement (Gorran)  and the Kurdistan Democratic Party( KDP)  held a meeting at the headquarters of the Change Movement in Sulaimani on Saturday afternoon , in which the two  parties exchanged  views on the priorities and the new government
 This came during a press conference held by the two sides after the end of the talks .
 Shorish Haji, member of the executive cell of the Movement, said that the delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) expressed their desire to include the Change Movement in the government.
 "We expressed our views as we made observations on many issues. we exchanged views to reach a decent outcome serving the citizens, stressing the holding of subsequent meetings.  between them. This meeting will be followed by other meetings. The final decision for joining the next KRG is up to the Movements' National Council. " he added.
His KDP counterpart Mahmud Mohammed told reporters: “We visit those parties who intend to participate in the government. Today we visited our brothers from Gorran and exchanged ideas.”

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