Gorran, KDP describe their meeting as “good and serious”


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Gorran, KDP describe their meeting  as “good and serious”

The Change Movement( Gorran)  and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) held a meeting today, Thursday, February 14 at Salah El Din Resort. Both sides described the meeting as "very serious and very good", pointing out that there are no points of disagreement between them.

After the meeting, KDP spokesperson Mahmoud Mohammed told reporters: "We held a good meeting with the brothers in the Change Movement . After discussing a range of issues and ideas in the past, today we discussed closely the final touches . We discussed the political agreement between the two sides and the partnership in the next government and the program of the new government, we are very close to each other. "

He added: "Issues related to the supreme national and patriotic interests, people’s livelihoods, and reform are almost identical on both sides and the what's left will be discussed each with the Political Bureau and the Executive Body ," noting: "We decided to hold another meeting with Gorran before Saturday."

For his part, Aras Wali, a member of Gorran’s negotiations team. said : " We are of the opinion that reforms needs to be undertaken in all parts of the government. "

He described their meeting with the KDP as “good and serious.”

He added they hope to finalize matters, including division of government posts, by Saturday when they will meet again,

"With regard to the distribution of positions, we have taken very good steps, and yet we need to consult with the executive body and the National Council of the Change Movement."

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