KDP strikes new government deal with Gorran


Formal Announcement

KDP strikes new government deal with Gorran

A delegation from the Kurdistan  Democratic Party (KDP) visited the city of Sulaimani on Sunday 5/5/2019, where it met with the Change Movement( Gorran)  and following a meeting, both sides  held a joint  press conference.

Shorish Haji, spokesman for Gorran said in the press conference that the delegation of the KDP came to express gratitude for the change movement  in relation to the formation of the government, adding that the KDP accepted the request of Gorran  that the institutions in the Kurdistan  region should be  national institutions,  above all Peshmarga forces.

“We have emphasized that the main issue in this agreement is reform in every field of power, administration and governance in particular in the unification of the Peshmerga force and Interior [Ministry] forces as well as the independence of the judiciary system, "The interest of the Kurdish people and the revival of the bazaar is our main responsibility and we believe, given the circumstances which the wider region is facing, the sooner the government is formed is in the interest of the Kurdish people and the bazaar,” he said.

KDP’s Mohammed thanked Gorran “for being understanding in relation to our agreement.

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