Gorran, KIU Discus Latest Political Developments


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Officials from the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) met with members of the Change Movement (Goran) on Monday (August 19) and agreed that the parties would both work to implement comprehensive government reform in the Kurdistan Region.

The media office of KIU Secretary General ‎ Salahaddin Bahadin announced that the meeting focused on improving relations between the two parties.

“The duty and decisions of the political parties in this period are critical and the people of the Kurdistan Region expect a lot of services [to come on line] after these three years,” the statement said.

The statement added, however, that the KIU would maintain its role as an opposition party in the Parliament.

The meeting is the first between the two parties since the formation of the new Kurdistan Regional Government, which includes Goran, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.


(NRT Digital Media)

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