Babakr Draii will quit his position after ending legal duration


The general director of the Culture and art directorate of Sulaimaniya, will quit his task after finishing his legal duration.

“According to law, I must be stay at my position for four years, and in May 2019 the legal duration of general directors finished but I still in my position however more than a year has passed, so because of ending that duration, I will quit on my position without any other reasons,” said Mr. Babakr Draii the general director of the culture and art directorate of Sulaimaniya in his statement for

He pointed that he refuses his retirement by current position as a general director.

Speaking about spending 200 billion Dinars for Sulaimaniya recognition as a cultural capital, Babakr Draii appointed that he spent just one billion and 200 million Iraqi dinars for more than 1000 projects and activities.

He also said: we can reach Sulaimaniya city to the high level so that the UNISCO recognized it as a city of literate and culture.

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