The minister of Finance and Economy met with the head of TBI


In order to implement another part of Iraqi budget law for 2021, the minister of finance and economy of Kurdistan Region Government met with the head of Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI).

According to s ministry’s statement, Tuesday, march 15, Mr. Awat Janab Nwry, the minister of the Finance and Economy Ministry, met with Mr. Salm Jawad Abdwlhady, the head of TBI.

The meeting was about the implementation of the article 11 of Iraqi Budget Law for 2021 towards selecting a mechanism to settle and pay the loans that had been given by TBI to Kurdistan region Government.

Also at the meeting, the minister of finance and economy showed KRG’s preparation to oblige with the implementation of all Iraqi Budget Law articles in order to make the KRG and Bagdad agreement in favor of Iraqi people.

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