Darbaz Muhammad: Gorran is responsible as much as its size in the government


A member of executive branch of Gorran Movement said, PUK and PDK are responsible for management of government, Goraan has participated twice in the government and is responsible as much as its participation size, and it has been continuing to improve the situation, it is serious about the reform which has become the base of its agreement.

"ًWe, as Gorran Movement, permanently confirm on two points with PDK and PUK, first: we say them that they are responsible about this difficult situation, not Gorran. Second: now the great weight inside parliament and government is on the side PDK and PUK,” said Dr. Darbaz Muhammad a member of executive branch in an interview with KNN.  

“We have an agreement with PUK about the internal government and we were in discussion to improve that agreement, but unfortunately PUK has been silent for two months on this issue,” he also said.

Speaking about the negotiations with Baghdad, Dr. darbaz said: both Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Region Government are eager make agreement at the same time the political situation is appropriate, but there are problems in details, if they will be solved, the Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Region Government can reach to an agreement.

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