Daban Muhammad: Kurdistan Region entity is the product of sacrifice it cannot be used to hide their robberies


A member of Gorran bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament announced that the Kurdistan Region entity is the production of blood and sacrifices of people. It is not shattered by the statement of two persons, at the same time it cannot be used to robe behind the scene.

“What is happening is the result of injustice, corruption, robbery and looting throughout of 29 years of governance, is people have a proper life, no one has dare to talk about Kurdistan region entity or any issue like that,” said Daban Muhammad a member of Gorran Muhammad in the Kurdistan parliament.

“Popular campaign should be done against those people who get illegal tax in the Makhmur Chickpoint and Sairanban cross border from people, and who are smuggling in Simelka, Ebrahim Xalil, Bashmakh, Parwezkhan cross borders and due to that reason about 21% of employees’ salary has been decreased, at the same time a numerous number of media outlets and social media have been fed with oil and internal income in order to trick and mock people and demonization.” He also said.

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