Gorran Bloc demands the legal review of the court decision against Badinan activists


Commenting about sentencing the Badinan activists by court, Gorran bloc in the Kurdistan parliament released a statement and said: legally, that sentence against those activists, doesn’t coherent with international deals of Human rights and freedom of opinion.

It also called the court to review that decision and make better investigation before making the last decision.

The detail of statement:
During the two last days, we, as a number of parliamentarians have been observer to the case of arrested activists of Badinan, we saw that the trial arranged in a severe security procedures which are the dangerous signals against the sovereignty of law and the freedom of opinion.
It is abnormal and illegal against activists and jurnalists of Badinan.
As we believe on the separation of powers, we saw this as a dangerous step against the sovereignty of law and general freedom.
We, as members of Gorran bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament, reaffirmed that politicizing and the statues of courts and justice, leads the circumstances of Region towards crisis and chaos, so we stress on the need of independence of judiciary.
We call the court to make better investigation and make decision before the last sentence.

Gorran Bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament
February17, 2021

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