Shamal Abdwlwafa: the second phase of reform was drafted


An executive branch member of Gorran Movement stressed that the goal of their meeting with other political parties is to discuss reform process, and now the second phase of reform project was drafted and it will send to the parliament. At the same time, many suggestions are expressed in order to settle the conflict between PDK and PUK.

“The goal of visits that have been started by Gorran Movement to other political parties is to coordinate and discuss the reform attempts and implement the reform law, the other goal is to encourage PDK and PUK to meet with each other in order to settle their differences,” said Shamal Abdwlwafa a member of executive branch of Gorran Movement.

“Approaching PDK and PUK make a type of stability inside Kurdistan Region, two months ago, Gorran called the meeting of five main political parties or three main parties, who have formed the government, but those attempts stayed without any result. And recently the meeting of political parties was suggested again in order to give their common point of views to Kurdistan Region representative in the discussions between Iraq and USA, it also stayed without result,” he also said.

He thinks that the existence of differences between political parties is normal, but he stresses that the political parties must have one common message opposite Iran, Turkey, and Iraq.

In interview with Rudaw TV channel, Shamal Abdwlwafa said: a delegation of PUK will visit Gorran Movement on Wednesday. It will be a positive step, political situation and the agreement about internal governance will be discussed in the meeting.

Speaking about the reform process, he stressed that the reform is not an easy process because many of two main political party members will be a part of that process, so a type of understanding will be required to implement the reform law. What is important by Gorran is the reform in the tariff, income, oil, relationship, and peshmarga.

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