Gorran and Islamic Group stresses on reform to the Kurdistan Region situation


A member of executive branch of Gorran said: the reform can be a cause to settle crisis of Kurdistan Region and end the salary problem, this situation requires reform more than ever.

“in the meeting, many issues were discussed, including the financial situation, salary, the political situation of the region and the bad relationship between PDK and PUK which affected the government and parliament affairs,” said Dr. Darbaz Muhammd to journalists after the meeting of Gorran and Islamic Group.

He also said: “the participation of Gorran in the government and choosing the opposition by Islamic Group, will not affect their relationship.”

At the same time, Rebwar Myhammad a spokesman of Islamic Group told the journalists: “in the meeting, both sides talked about the resolves to bad situation of the region and they discussed the relationship between Baghdad abd Kurdistan Region.”
 He also said: there are a large amount of corruptions, and the government hasn’t dare to touch the corruption issues, so the real reform should be done in the oil, corruption, and the illegal salary.

 Today, Tuseday, June 28, 2020, a delegation of Gorran, inclusing Mr. Omar Said Ali the general coordinator and a number of executive branch visited Erbil and they met with Islamic Group delegation.

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