Adnan Osman: we are a movement for reform which should be done by the government


The secretary of National Council of Gorran Movement announced: if the whole incomes of Kurdistan Region don’t go to the Parties, partisan figures and their companies’ pocket, and if those incomes go to the government treasure, if they spend by the parliament supervision, 90 percent of the people problems will be salved.

“Gorran team in the government has express its information about incomes, expenses, and the money that stolen, we said that truths with other political parties, and also we said that, we with people, cannot tolerate to wait forever, the reform steps should be started,” Said Adnan Osman in an interview with (

He also said: “we are movement for reform, and we want this reform to be done by the government. We think that a large part of the Region’s problems is that the parties’ treasures are richer than the government treasure, and the purpose of many of problems that currently have been made, is to delay reform or to hamper it.”

Commenting about the decentralization project, Adnan Osman said: “we offered the amendment of Provinces Law to the Kurdistan Parliament, But PDK and PUK didn’t accept it. Our thought about decentralization is to drop powers from the capital to the provinces, then to the districts, villages …etc.”

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