Goran Omar: the situation of Kurdish areas out of Kurdistan administration is very dangerous


A parliamentarian of Gorran bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament said: the situation of the Kurdish areas outside of the Kurdistan region administration is very dangerous and the Kurdish people in those areas been victim demographically, educationally, health and language.

“We visited the border areas in order to be aware about the bombardment of Kurdistan land, and we make a report about it,” said Goran Omar in an interview with sbeiy.com.

He also said: “the peshmarga committee and the others visited the Kurdish areas out of the Kurdistan Region administration from Shngal to Khanaqin and Mandaly, we are aware about the situation of those areas which is very dangerous.”

He mentioned: the peshmarga committee with other committees have been investigating the bombardment of Kurdish areas, and they make a report in order to express it in the Parliament session.

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