Kawa Abdwlla: the crisis should be deal with plan, not by other crisis


The director of (The Government Room) of Gorran Movement said: “we are not just against decreasing the salary of employees, but we support giving salary every 30 days, and we work to implement general reform in the oil income and border crossing.  

“Gorran team in the government is with people will in the ministers’ council, and they defend people interest,” said kawa Abdwlla in an interview with Sbeiy.com.

The director of government room of Gorran criticizes the PDK and PUK policy and he expresses that those parties have been dealing with crisis by crisis for a long time, thereby PUK and PDK are the responsible for this situation. But the three main parties, who participated in the formation of the government with Islamic Group and Islamic Union, should settle the situation together.

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