Hoshyar omar Ali: as Gorran Movement we are eager that the governing system should be parliamentary in constitution


The director of diplomatic relationship chamber of Gorran Movement announced that the availability of modern constitution for Kurdistan region is important and we are as Gorran Movement eager that the governing system should be parliamentary in constitution.

“We believe that the good constitution should be available to reorganize the governing system of Kurdistan region, and separate completely the all executive, judiciary and legislative branches from each other, and make them the real powers,” said Hoshyar Omar Ali, the director of diplomatic relationship chamber speaking to VOA.

He also said: “we don’t want a constitution that make a type of governing system to make leader akin to sultans of middle century and we don’t want a constitution to make Kurdistan people slaves, in contrast, we want a modern constitution that suit with freedoms and current developments and guarantees rights, political, civil freedoms for the all Kurdistan people.”

He mentioned that there are huge pressures on Kurdistan region, especially Kurdistan region Government. International community has been protecting Kurdistan from 1992, so they say clearly that they have been annoyed with the current corrupted system that is available in freedoms violations, non-unification of Peshmarga forces, so constitution can be a chance to reorganize those issues.

Speaking about Gorran Movement point of view regarding to the constitution, he said: Gorran’s opinion is consistent. We believe that the parliamentary system is the best system, this is noncontroversial issue.

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