Minister of finance ordered to open a directorate to end corruption in the border crossings


In order to make more reform in the border crossings and lifting transparent level in the tariff affairs, the minister of finance and economic affairs of the Kurdistan Government signed the order of opening the tariff supervise directorate.

In an official letter with Awat Sekh Janab’s signature, (the minister of finance and economic affairs), the following text has mentioned: “according to article (17) in the second paragraph of the number 5 of the law of minister of finance and economic affairs in 2010, and according to the authority has been given to us, we ordered to open the tariff supervise directorate.

According to a source in the ministry of finance and economic affairs, the main job of this directorate will be supervision in the border crossings, and outside the border crossings, it supervises those goods that import into Kurdistan Region.

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