The minimum amount of Parwez Xan border crossing income return to the government


The supervisor of Parwezxan border crossing announced that every day six types of smuggling and illegal job have been done in the border crossing, and this process has been become a source to get illegal income by a number of officials.

Aso qadr Lail the supervisor of Parwezxan border crossing said in an interview with website: the government has given mandate to seven companies and eight truck scales that manage the affairs of drivers and traders every day and they have been paid different amount of money, and the minimum amount of that money goes to the government treasury.

Commenting about importing things by smuggling, he said: “every day in the Parwezxan border crossing, a huge amount of eggs, chicken, grease of animal, onion, cucumber, and cars under the illegal model have been traded illegally and a large amount of money has been gotten by a number of officials.”

He also mentioned: if the ownership of companies and truck scales is returned to government and if the money gets from drivers and traders is decreased, the government and citizens get benefit and a large income will return to government treasury.

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