Gwlstan Saed: in the new season of parliament, the situation of prisoners will be discussed


A member of social affairs and protection of human rights committee in the Kurdistan parliament said: after their investigation on the prisoners’ circumstances in Kurdistan Region prisons, they direct a demand to the parliament presidency, and a particular session will be hold when the new season of parliament will begin.

“All problems of prisoners were reported and sent to the Kurdistan Parliament presidency. Kurdistan Parliament was demanded to call internal minister, the minister of social affairs, the minister of justice to attend in the session in order to improve the situation of prisoners and settle their problems,” said Gwlstan Saed a member of Gorran bloc in the Kurdistan parliament.

She also said: although the situation of prisoners is very bad because of coronavirus pandemic and they can’t see their relatives, but at the same time, there are some other problems like the bad quality of building of prisons, the lack of medical treatment.

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