Daban Muhammad: smuggling in the border crossings has continued


A parliamentarian of Gorran bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament announced: smuggling in the border crossing has continued, and the authority chose silence about it. However, smuggling has been widen that not just officials, but other normal people has involved it, there is a driver of an official wife that does smuggling and enter cars inside Kurdistan region.

“Now, in the Parwezxan border crossing, more than 40 cars that are illegal and under 2018, have been seized. That issue has been sent to customs directorate of Region. We continue to prevent entering those type of cars,” said Daban Muhammad a member of Gorran bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament.

He also said: in order to enter and import one car in the Bashmakh and parwezxan border crossings, 6500US dollars must be paid. 2000 dollars of that money will enter to partisan official. If 4 containers enter in one night, so it equal 4 million dollars during one month in one border crossing.

He mentioned: these are incomes of Kurdistan Region Government, instead of being paid for salary, it will enter the pocket of parties and partisan officials.

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