Gorran bloc: the internal war is an experiences war without any result


Gorran Bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament announced: we think that internal war is experienced war and hasn’t have any result which is always in favor of our enemies and against our nation.

In a statement that directed to the Presidency of Kurdistan parliament, Gorran bloc mentioned: we demand Kurdistan parliament to play its historical role in order to end internal tensions by the creation of professional committee to visit different sides and encourage them to discuss to solve their problems.

Gorran Bloc statement
To the Presidency of Kurdistan parliament
Unfortunately, the political and military tensions have been feeling for a while inside Kurdistan region between Peshmarga forces and the Kurdish forces of north of Kurdistan. Those tensions have almost risen to internal war which is definitely makes a bad effect on the political, economic circumstances and the stability of our region.

We are in Gorran bloc with our deep sorrow look at the situation and we think that the internal war is a bad experienced without any result war that is always in favor of our enemies and against our nation.

We demand Kurdistan parliament, like how prevented internal war in the recent period, now it should play its role to end those tensions by creation of a professional committee to visit political sides to take discussion and dialog in order to solve their problems and to conduct national discussion on the base on keeping the high interest of our nation.

Gorran Bloc
November 4, 2020

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