Gulstan Saed: the parliament should play its role in settling problems between Region and Baghdad


Speaking about the budget portion of Kurdistan Region from Baghdad, the head of Gorran Movement in the Kurdistan Parliament said: the issue of salary and budget that come from Baghdad, is the issue that has political dimension in Iraq, so today without any base, the budget portion of Kurdistan region has been cut.

“There are many internal reasons that have been the cause if this situation, including: lack of transparency in incomes and oil, collecting taxes illegally and lack of control in border crossings, smuggling and corruption. And also the steps of reform has been undertaking slowly,” said Gwlstan Saed in a writing on his facebook page.

She also said: Kurdistan parliament should play its role in treatment of problems by coordination with the government in order to take step to settle problems and oblige with those agreements that had been signed between Baghdad and Erbil or those agreements that will sing in the future.

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