Haval Abwbakr: I suggest to select March 7 day as a Sulaimanya day


The governor of Sulaimaniya talked about the Sulaimaniya day and said: I suggest to select March 7 day in every year as a Sulaimaniya day.

Speaking about the memory of Sulaimaniya foundation, Dr. Haval Abwbakr, the governor of Sulaimaniya said: I officially put the suggestion about in front of Sulaimany governorate council to recognize 1784 AD as a year of building Sulaimaniya by Babanies, and recognize March 7, 1991, (which is the day of sulaimaniya revolution as the first governorate of Kurdistan), as day of Sulaimaniya in every year.

He also mentioned: I express that suggestion because that day (March 7, 1991) is the change of struggling, political system and life in the new circumstances which has been created by Kurd themselves with a unites will.

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