Shaxawan rawf Bag: Gorran participation in the government hasn’t have any impact on Gorran bloc investigation


A parliamentarian of Gorran bloc in the Kurdistan parliament said that Gorran Movement hasn’t taken advantage in its participation in the Kurdistan Region Government, our goal is to make change by this participation in favor of Kurdistan people.

“Those points that we make a deal on it with Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) to form the government, haven’t implemented sufficiently and we haven’t been silent and we made pressure in the Parliament and government to implement those points, our deal is in favor of people,” said Shaxawan rawf Bag a Gorran bloc parliamentarian in an interview with Gorran official Radio.

He also said: our bloc (Gorran) has made investigation in the all sectors and at the same time we ohave observed our bloc affairs. Our participation in the government hasn’t have any impact on our investigation.

Speaking about criticism which have been made on the Kurdistan Parliament presidency, Shaxawan Rawf Bag said: the Kurdistan Parliament Presidency should deal with all issues responsibly and should work on the suitable suggestions of different blocs.

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