Awat Shex Janab: we work to implement reform program within the government


The minister of finance and economy responded questions about Gorran’s participation in the government and said: before we entered the government, we talked about transparence, and now we work on it, we talked about the agreement with Iraq, now we did it, we talk about the budget of Kurdistan region, now the budget became the reality from dream and entered parliament.

“All who has participated in Gorran Movement foundation, including the general coordinator, their incomes haven’t been increased. Most people, who criticized Gorran Movement, have become rich by Gorran. This is an obstacle in front of reform and they don’t want reform to be implemented,” said Awat Sex Janab in a television interview.

He also said: we work to reorganize the 70 and 80 units of peshmarga and the retirement of peshmarga, we are close to finish those projects.

Speaking about the role of Grran Movement as a political movement, he said: “those political movements that founded after Gorran, all of them created in order to weaken Gorran Movement. From the foundation of Gorran Movement until now, no one added a sentence to the financial and economic reform project that Gorran offered.”

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